Water Leak Detection Services

Leakage in the toilet or faucet is easy to spot and fix. Water leaks can be complicated. Hidden pipes and buried pipes can cause water leaks that pose unique problems. Do not dig in your backyard or use a sledgehammer on your bathroom walls yet.

This is what you should know about local leak detection companies’ professional services:

Slab Leak Repair and Detection

slab leakSlab leaks are a leaky tube that is located under your basement or concrete slab. It is difficult to locate slab leaks in this unfortunate spot.

There are however, several indicators that could indicate trouble:

  • Even though the water is not flowing from your taps or toilets, it sounds like running water
  • Concrete floor, carpet or flooring that is wet
  • Your lower level should have damp or moldy walls
  • You have a mildew smell in the basement
  • Water bills are on the rise
  • Foundation damage visible

Do not delay in calling a professional to detect and fix a slab leak. An experienced plumber can quickly find the leak and repair the slab.

Plumbing Leak Detection Technology

To locate water leakages under soil or inside walls and beneath concrete slabs, plumbers can use a variety of technologies and tools.

These three tools are used most often to detect leaks:

Acoustic Listening Equipment

This equipment amplifies water leaks under concrete slabs or inside walls. This device allows plumbers to accurately locate a water leak before they begin digging or drilling.

inspection cameraCameras for Video Inspection

Small cameras enable plumbers to inspect the pipes. This device can be used to retrieve car keys or wedding rings that have been drained from pipes. Plumbers can accurately determine the location of leaks by measuring how much cable was in the pipes before they spot them.

Soil Probes

Soil probes are a tool that allows plumbers to easily listen for pressure water entering the soil around water mains and sewer lines. The technology reduces the amount of yard that is needed to find and fix a leaky pipe.

We are the best choice for water leak detection and repair.

Different materials and methods are required to repair copper, cast-iron, concrete and PVC pipes. It doesn’t matter what material you have, the best thing to do is call a plumber that specializes in water leak repair. Hidden leaks are especially vulnerable to this. Unchecked water leaks may lead to mold growth or structural damage. Your expensive water bill will soon be irrelevant.

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