Water Extraction

If your house has been damaged by flooding or water seepage from other sources, it is important to have water extracted immediately. This will prevent further and more extensive damage. Water seeping through carpet or tile flooring can indicate flooding, leaking pipes or damaged ground. Rainwater can also seep through the flooring underneath because of cracks and holes in the floor. Another reason could be drainage issues.

What is Water Extraction?

water-extractionBefore you sign a contract, learn about it and its importance. Water extraction is the process of removing excess water from floors and ground of a house or property. This is a difficult job and professionals should handle it. They have the knowledge, tools, equipment, and most efficient methods of water extraction.

Water extraction is used to minimize damage to property and prevent mold growth. Experts use a variety of methods to stop excessive water flow, drain the water, remove non-visible water, dry the ground, and dehumidify the whole area.

It is important to extract water quickly, but also professionally and efficiently. It doesn’t matter if you need water extraction for an emergency or to preserve your property. Knowing what water extraction is will help you to take the right steps.

How water extraction works

Pumps are available to remove water and drying systems can dry walls, ceilings, and other cavities. Water extraction is done with a high-end vacuum. Experts can help you extract the water from your carpet if you don’t know how.

The next step is water mitigation. This is the removal of all unsalvageable materials from the building in order to lower the loss due to water damage. It is important to thoroughly remove damaged flooring, drywall and furniture. The process includes cleaning, drying and then sanitizing the property.

Water extraction is different from water mitigation. Professional restoration companies will offer both services using different techniques.

Only professionals can perform water extraction. The standard water extraction process is followed by the certified technician.

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