Savannas Preserve State Park is a nature preserve that has many different things to do. Use this article as your guide on how to have the best experience possible in this beautiful park!

Enjoy Nature

This park has many different trees and plants that you can see. The park has a boardwalk trail to take you through mangrove forests, salt marshes, and cypress swamps so that you can be surrounded by nature as much as possible! There are also trails throughout the park so you can take a walk through all of this beauty.

Enjoy Birds!

This park is filled with many different types of birds that are native to Florida, as well as different types from other countries. You might even be able to see an osprey or two during your visit! So if bird watching is one of your favorite things then Savannas Preserve State Park will not disappoint you either. There are several places where there are feeders for them and lots of open areas which makes it easy for viewing from any location in the area! 

Kayak & Canoe 

The Loxahatchee River runs right by Savannas Preserve State Park so there’s no better place to sit back on a kayak or canoe and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can even rent a kayak from The Loxahatchee Outdoor Center!

Explore by Boat 

If you’d like to explore some of Florida’s natural beauty then check out one of the many boat tours that Savannas Preserve State Park offers. There is both shallow and deep water tour options available for all different price ranges, so there is no reason not to try this adventure while you’re here in Port St Lucie!

Enjoy Hiking & Biking Trails 

Savannas Preserve State Park has several trails open to hiking and biking at any time during park hours. Not only will these trails lead through scenic locations but they’ll also take them right alongside the Loxahatchee River. There are also several different trails to choose from depending on your preference of length and difficulty level as well!

Bring the Kids 

Savannas Preserve State Park is a great place to bring kids because they will be able to learn so much about nature and enjoy all that it has to offer at this beautiful park. They can go on some fun educational scavenger hunts around the boardwalk or even along sections of the trails which makes learning an adventure for them! This not only encourages their love of knowledge but also helps with development too! So don’t miss out on Savannas Preserve State Park when you’re in Port St Lucie, FL because there’s plenty of things to do here.

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