Snell Isle is a slice of Pinellas County with 3,312 people. This area has great schools and an excellent climate for living in Florida. This is a neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida, with an interesting history that includes both good and bad events for the residents of Pinellas County. 

Snell Isle feels like a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustles of city life. The homes here are spacious, with large yards that give you plenty of space for outdoor fun or just relaxing at home on your luxurious furniture set in front lawns lined up next to one another; they also come equipped with everything needed, including private beaches where you can enjoy starry nights under an endless sky. With lush green parks everywhere (there must be several within walking distance), it’s easy enough to find somewhere peaceful when feeling restless–or try out our new hiking trail through pristine forest land – not too long but high enough.

The neighborhood is a popular area for young professionals who tend to lean more towards the conservative side of things. The public schools in this neighborhood are above average, and there’s always something going on in town, whether it be live music at one bar or another party across town.

Living in Snell Isle, you’ll feel like a local with the amenities of home. The median home value is $833K, and there’s plenty to do for everyone! You can take advantage of all the great beaches or grab some groceries at a nearby Walmart Supercenter before heading back into town where life goes on as usual – even if it doesn’t feel too busy, thanks to our quiet location. The residents pay a median rent of 1,358 dollars every month – making it one of America’s most expensive places to live.

The median household income in Snell Isle is $124,911. This beautiful area offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for residents while offering the convenience of being close to major city attractions with all their amenities, such as shopping malls or hospitals, should you need them.

Living on Snell Isle is an interesting experience. 36% of people who live there have at least one master’s degree or higher, compared to 37 percent bachelor degrees (and 18%). High schools only make up 7%. This may be due in part to the fact that many residents work for military bases, which can boost your salary if you’re qualified enough.

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