Smoke and Soot

After a fire is extinguished in a property, smoke and soot are created. Soot, a fine black powder (0.25um in size), binds to fabric and walls.

After a fire, and just minutes later after it has been put out, smoke and soot can quickly spread throughout affected properties.

The byproducts of fossil fuel burning can include chemicals, acids and soot. If not treated promptly and properly, it can cause serious damage to your property.

Smoke damage, like soot can pose a problem and can lead to serious health problems. Smoke damage can cause wall discoloration and sink into property contents. This causes smoke odors to persist for long periods.

It is important that you hire a professional cleaning service to repair the damage. Our company responds quickly and is available to you in less than two hours.

How do we evaluate Soot and smoke damage?

We will use the type of soot or smoke damage to determine how we treat affected areas. However, our cleaning and treatment process is complex with many steps. All types of smoke and soot damage are covered by our extensive training. If you get in touch quickly, most items can be restored. As per Health and Safety regulations, we also use Personal Protective Equipment.

A complete inventory will be done of the items in all affected areas. Many electrical items are beyond economic repair (BER), which will make them available for insurance companies separately. Carpeting, rugs and furniture can often be repaired.

We will remove all restorable items listed and clean them up before they are stored. Depending on what type of smoke damage was caused, the building fabric may require special cleaning. Our professional team will evaluate the situation and recommend the most effective cleaning method.

It will almost always require a complete redecoration after the building fabric has been cleaned. You should think of cleaning as preparation for redecoration. Thermal fogging is used to reduce or eliminate smoke smells.

Once the property has been fully restored, we will return any items that were cleaned. A detailed listing of items not salvageable will be provided as well as a list with the salvageable items.

We know it is nearly impossible to remove soot or smoke damage. This is why we recommend that you call us for professional help with smoke/soot restoration.

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