Shifting Earth Due to Climate Affecting Plumbing

Property damage from rainstorms can cause more than just soggy ground or waterlogged plants. Shifting earth can cause pipes to stop water from flowing into the home. The stress caused by ground movement can cause pipes to burst, causing flooding and shifting the foundation or structure of your home. This could lead to severe havoc.

Serious Water Deluge Can Cause:

Flooding can cause serious damage, causing additional problems that must be addressed until repairs are made.

  • The shifting of ground power from the structure can result in electrical wiring problems.
  • Explosions can result from gas pipes bursting due to seepage.
  • The ground shifting causes foundations to crack or break apart.
  • It is possible to destroy entire plumbing systems, which can cause severe damage to sewer lines around your home and in surrounding neighborhoods.
How can you fix the problem?

For storm and rain damage, make sure you review your policy.

As an indicator of potential problems, check for dirt and debris coming out of the drains.

If drains are not flowing properly it could indicate that your household pipes have been damaged.

Flooding in basements or crawl spaces can cause problems to the foundation. Damage around water can also indicate that there is sewer damage.

Make sure you are prepared – plan ahead/

You should be prepared for seasonal storms or hurricanes if you live near one.

Make sure you have sufficient insurance to cover flood, storm, and weather damage. These types of damage may not be covered under your regular insurance policy, regardless if you own or rent the property. Be safe.

You should inspect your home and property after a hurricane or severe storm to determine if there has been any ground shifting. This can cause strains on pipes and other lines.

To ensure that you’re prepared in case of a storm, consult a professional.

Sump pumps can be used to fix minor drainage issues around your house.

Keep a copy of your emergency number handy so you can quickly refer to it.

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