Sewer Line Repairs

If you look underground, there are many properties that have cast iron pipes dating back more than thirty years. Each pipe has a large scar at the bottom that lets out water. Multiple backups can also be caused by this crack for affected homeowners and businesses. If you have seen plumbers working around sewer lines, they would suggest that an excavation be done to remove your yard and lawn in order to replace the pipes with more modern ones. In the past, replacing sewer lines required extensive excavation. Now, there is trenchless technology.

Our no-dig service preserves your landscape’s beauty and protects your lawn. You don’t need to dig. The new pipes will last as long as 100 years. However, the cost of replacing or repairing them with trenchless methods is half that of traditional sewer pipe repairs.  We offer excellent service, 24/7 emergency plumbing and many other great things.

Installation of the Trenchless Sewerline

Pipe Lining

Our Trenchless sewerline repair requires only one point of access to fix the damaged sewer pipe. The problem pipe will be opened by our plumbers from either your commercial or residential property. Hydro-jetting is used to clear rust, debris and roots. High-tech cameras are used to inspect and check the pipes. Measure the pipe’s length and apply the liner. After the new liner has been coated with an epoxy resin, it is ready for pipe insertion.

Liner is made from a tube of polyester fabric saturated with an epoxy resin. Due to an exothermic reaction, the resin will heat up within 30 minutes and reach 180 F. After the resin has hardened, the liner can be removed from the original piping material and an inspection video is taken to verify that trenchless repairs were done correctly. All the work can be completed in one day. The pipes will last a lifetime.

Pipe Bursting

If there isn’t enough pipe to line the trench, this replacement method becomes your best option. Bursting is the act of digging small access holes to allow you to reach the problem pipe, and one for pulling the pipe. This leads to a head with a much larger diameter than the problem pipe. It fractures the pipe and releases the rest of it harmlessly into the ground below.

Our company is a leader in trenchless technology services. We have gained the trust and confidence of many customers through our expertise in sewer line repair and replacement. No matter the size of the job, we pay close attention to every detail. We can get your sewer lines running normally within a day. Call us now!

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