Your house’s plumbing acts as its cardiovascular system. The pipes, which are similar to your veins or arteries, carry water from the house’s water-dependent areas, like the bathroom and kitchen, and keep them running. This system could cause problems with daily life, like washing dishes or using the toilet.

You can anticipate leaks due to how often we use our pipes every day. Sometimes, however, repairing a leak can be difficult or financially unfeasible. In these cases you might need to look into a plumbing reroute.

What is the best time to reroute plumbing?

In the event of slab leaks, rerouting pipes is often the best and most economical solution. When water seeps into the ground from a pipe under a slab foundation, it is called a slab leak. The jackhammer would be used to break through concrete slabs. This option can be quite inconvenient and may cause even more harm than good. Your plumber might suggest that you reroute your pipes.

The plumber will locate a new exit and entry point to your pipes, and then begin repiping. The plumber will then remove all leaky pipes from under the slabs.

The location of the pipes being rerouted will depend on many factors such as your house’s size and the area code. Pipes will most often be rerouted through your attic. However, walls and ceilings can also work. Sometimes it may be more practical to leave the pipes outdoors and redirect them using tunnels or trenches beneath the house.

What is the cost?

Although it may sound expensive, rerouting plumbing is far more cost-effective and less invasive than drilling through concrete slabs. Although the plumbing company may need to cut through the drywall in order to route the pipes through the attic, it is generally done with minimal damage.

Rerouting pipes costs are significantly lower. Due to the difficulty of drilling into concrete slabs in a home and the damage it can cause to the foundation of a house, a slab leak repair can run up to $15,000 Sometimes, the slab leaks are not repairable and may require you to completely replace your plumbing. This can increase the cost. If your pipe leaks are small, it can be as low as $200 to reroute them. For larger jobs, you might need to spend as high as $5,000.


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