Palma Ceia West is a small but growing community located about 14 miles away from St. Petersburg. With an estimated population of 1,486 people, you’ll find plenty for your family to do in this safe and friendly neighborhood.

Palma Ceia West is one of Tampa’s most livable neighborhoods. It also has an exceptional livability score, ranking 2nd in the city and 5th out of Florida’s neighborhoods. This means that this area offers better living conditions than 99% of its surrounding areas do– making it a great place to live no matter how you slice it.

Living in Palma Ceia West is not only convenient, but it can also be an affordable option for those who are looking to rent or buy. The cost of living here is 7% higher than the Tampa average and 6 percent more so when compared with other areas within Florida as well. However, this does mean that your monthly housing expenses may have increased by 21%.

Palma Ceia West is the safest place in Florida. With its low crime rates, 1 out of 109 people will be victims. There are also fewer violent crimes there compared to other areas – violence can happen anywhere, but it’s comforting knowing that this small town has some protection against criminals with their 63% lower rate and 60% less chance for becoming a victim than average cities throughout our state and country as well, which makes it safer than 87% of Florida cities.

The median household income is 74% higher than the national average. Male median earnings are 41% higher than female median earnings, and unemployment rates have been shown to be 35% lower as well. This area offers a variety of opportunities for those looking at starting families or buying their first house; there’s no shortage when it comes down to the right space here with its ample land available from lush green parks that stretch into nature trails winding through forest clearings only footsteps away from pristine riverside beaches worthy enough for vacations.

The school test scores in Palma Ceia West are 55% higher than the national average, and residents here have completed 8th grade and high school at a rate of 94.3%. The town also has high educational attainment, with 48.7% having attained college degrees or more as well.

Palma Ceia West real estate prices are higher than the Tampa average by a large margin. The difference in rental rates for this area is even more extreme, with properties costing 62% less on average compared to their counterparts in Florida.

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