Old Southeast is a beautiful neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida, with an interesting history and cultural heritage that has made it one of the most desirable places to live in all of Florida. Living in Old Southeast provides residents an urban-suburban mix feel, with most homes being owner-occupied. The area has many bars or coffee shops to choose from as well as parks for relaxation and leisure time activities such as walking the dog on a leash.

The people of Old Southeast are some of the most liberal and progressive citizens in this part of town. They lean towards family values, with strong public schools to back up their beliefs as well. Living in the Old Southeast is like living in your own personal boutique hotel. With an average home value of $316,924 and median rent at 1035 dollars per month (or less than what most people spend on their monthly cell phone bill), this area offers residents everything they need to live comfortably without breaking the bank – or bed.

Southeast’s community is located in a historic part of town with many parks and green spaces. This area has been revitalized by local businesses that offer fresh food to residents, making it an ideal spot for families who want quality time together while still being able to afford reasonable housing costs. Old Southeast is a great place to live if you’re looking for an easy-going, family-oriented community. There are many amenities in Old Southeast, including median household incomes of $56K and 17% percent families with children.

In the Old Southeast, 16% of residents have a master’s or higher degree. This is largely due to its proximity to other cities, which have been among the most educated cities in America for decades. In fact, 30% are college graduates with bachelor’s degrees, accounting for 26%. People who commute from outside this area tend towards lower levels, but there still exist many opportunities available, partly because it offers affordable housing options too – 20%.

There are many high schools and elementary schools here which serve as great resources for families looking to settle down or explore this vibrant area. St Petersburg Collegiate High School provides its students with an excellent education while also exposing them early on about what path they want their lives headed towards; Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary school offers children both academic excellence alongside ample opportunities outside classwork like arts & sports programs (including football). Osceola Fundamental High School has all sorts of grades ranging from freshmen through seniors, so you’re sure to find something appropriate no matter your child’s developmental state.

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