North Shore is a St. Petersburg neighborhood with easy access to the Tampa Bay area and beautiful beaches both nearby or far away depending on where you want your vacation destination located. North shores population at around 9800 people make it one of the best places not only to live but also work due to its pristine natural surroundings which are very rare these days.

As among the most desirable areas in St. Petersburg, North Shore offers residents an urban feel with quick access to many popular attractions. Not counting all those mansions. North Shore is a city that has it all. It’s the perfect place for those looking to live an urban lifestyle with easy access and great schools but still have their property values protected by NorthShore laws which ensure only residents can own homes here.

North Shore is a great place to live. It has everything that you could want in your life: bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The public schools here also seem really good because kids usually do well no matter what their family income level may be something we haven’t seen too much of lately around these parts. Many young professionals live here because it has some great schools for their kids. The people in this area tend to lean liberal too – they like living in such an up-and-coming place with plenty going on around them all day long every day.

The median home value in North Shore is about $593,255. This means that there are homes for sale with prices varying from around 50% less or more than this amount according to their location and condition of the property itself as well as its amenities offered by sellers who hope they will be able to sell them before someone else does. Furthermore, renters should expect monthly rents between $1k -1.5K depending on where you live, which makes it possible to look into renting properties even cheaper than buying your next dream house outright anytime soon?

North Shore is a quiet neighborhood in which to grow up. The median household income of $81,747 per year says it all when you think about how many people are supporting themselves here – almost 11% consists of only families with children. And yet, this area still manages an excellent tempo where traffic isn’t too bad during rush hour but also provides access quick enough that commute times don’t become unbearable.

In fact, in North Shore, over 28% of residents have an advanced degree, and 34 percent hold at least a bachelor’s degree. That means there are tons of opportunities for higher learning in this area. However, some people might not know about all these educational benefits that can help them achieve their goals. 

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