Carlton, located in Port St Lucie, Florida, is an area full of history and culture. There are many museums in this area, including:

Carlton Gardens

This is a wonderful outdoor museum. There are many flowers, trees, and water features that are all beautifully kept for visitors to enjoy. This is also where the arts center can be found. There are also many other museums in the Carlton area.

The Arts Center

This museum is for both children and adults to enjoy, especially if you’re an artsy person! There are activities like pottery painting that can be done here while looking at all of the beautiful artwork inside. It’s open every day except Monday. This place has great hours; it opens very early at seven o’clock in the morning so people can come before they leave for their daily commute or get a head start on their weekend! They close very late too, which is great because there isn’t always time during your normal schedule to go see something outside of work or school. The library is across from this museum, where even more opportunities await, like free movies and book exchanges.

Florida Agricultural Museum

The Florida Agricultural Museum has exhibits about everything from wild animals to farming tools used in the past. It even includes an area of Native American artifacts around Seminole Springs Park on Lake Kerr Boggy Creek Conservation Area on Highway 50A East side of town off Mills road. Another great place nearby is located at 4401 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne Beach FL 32935 just North-West of Carlton near Eau Gallie Boulevard named Indian River Citrus Tower & Historical State Park which opened up over 100 years ago as one of America’s first “tourist attractions”, one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating agricultural sites and offers history, an amazing panoramic view from its observation tower and a chance to taste some delicious citrus.

St Lucie County Regional History Center

The St. Lucie County Regional History Center is a great place to learn about the history of this area and other unique artifacts from Florida’s past. It has an artifact that you can touch, which is very rare for museums! They also have many historical documents on display in glass cases, old maps and even some dinosaur footprints excavated near Fort Pierce. The museum itself includes a recreation of a Seminole village, complete with actual stuffed animals! This could be your chance to get up close and personal with wild alligators or armadillos from long ago – if they’re not already extinct by then…

Stuart Heritage Museum

The Stuart Heritage Museum is located in downtown Stuart, FL. It’s open Tuesday to Sunday from noon until four pm and also hosts special events. This museum has over twenty antique cars on display that visitors can look at for free! They have a lot of early photos too which are very interesting because you’re able to see how different the area looked when they were taken compared to now. There are many historical documents here as well, including some Civil War artifacts like bullets or even clothing items worn by soldiers back then! You could really learn a lot about history when visiting this place if you ever want an afternoon off in between classes or workdays. Carlton itself is not far away either; it’s only 20 minutes south of Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County.

These museums are great places to visit for people who are looking for something fun and different to do!

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