Greater Woodlawn is the best place to live in Florida. It’s a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood with all of your needs met. There are great schools and plenty of parks for kids or adults who want some peace and relaxation time on their own when they need it most – plus close proximity to everything this beautiful state has offered you can’t find anywhere else.

Living in Greater Woodlawn is the perfect place to live if you’re looking for an easy-going, minimalistic suburban feel. Being surrounded by so many restaurants and coffee shops makes it very easy on your pocketbook while also giving people plenty of things they can do when not at work or school.

The median home value in Greater Woodlawn is $242,206. This means that if you own or rent a house here, your property will fetch close to half a million dollars. As one might expect with such high prices for housing stock in an area like this one, renting costs slightly less at $793/mo; but it’s important not only to be mindful of these figures when looking into moving near work — think about what kind of commute would suit YOU best before deciding where exactly reside.

The median household income in Greater Woodlawn is $70,179. This unusually high amount can be attributed to the fact that there are many families with children living here, which accounts for 21% of all households.

Woodlawn, a neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Fl area, is not just made up of people with master’s degrees. Not even close. In fact, there are many different educational levels found throughout the area- from those who have only completed their high school education all the way down to individuals who never got past elementary level classes due to lack of resources available where they lived or financial constraints preventing further progress towards an undergraduate degree. But don’t think that these lower-skilled laborers can’t be productive members of society too, because each holds its own unique value and potential.

The data shows that 14% of Greater Woodlawn residents hold a master’s degree or higher, while 29% have undergraduate degrees. There is also a high school diploma and less than high-school education levels represented in this neighborhood with 7%.

Living in Greater Woodlawn, you’ll have a great time with your family. You can explore all of its beautiful neighborhoods and make memories that last forever. The people are very social too, which makes for some awesome conversations over dinner or while walking down the street together—neighbors here really know how to be neighborly.

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