Elliott Museum in Port St Lucie, FL is dedicated to the preservation of Florida’s natural and cultural history. The museum was founded by Dr. John Elliott Jr., a well-known archaeologist that has excavated sites all over Florida for decades. He donated his home to the city of Port St Lucie as a site for a museum and park, which opened on December 29th, 1981. There are over 5 acres of lush gardens with various native plants throughout it. The main building houses artifacts from prehistoric times through modern-day life in Florida – many of which come from Dr Elliott’s own fieldwork!

This museum is a great place to visit if you want to learn about the history of Florida. There are all sorts of artifacts from prehistoric times through modern-day life in Florida on display, many coming from Dr. Elliott’s own fieldwork! The museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing Floridian culture by giving visitors a chance to see interesting things up close that they might not otherwise be able to experience.

This is a great museum to visit if you are interested in seeing some artifacts from Florida’s history. There are all sorts of items on display, ranging from prehistoric times through modern-day life. Many of the pieces come directly from Dr. Elliott’s own fieldwork! The place was founded by him and opened up as part of an agreement with the city so they could turn his former home into something useful – it now serves as both a museum and public park area for nature lovers to enjoy. With over five acres of lush gardens, there is plenty to explore throughout this site that will give visitors insight into what makes Florida unique!

Elliott Museum Facts

In addition, there is also an art gallery with paintings done by local artists as well as some historical documents such as wills and land grants which date back over 100 years ago. In fact, one will even find the original deed for Elliotts’ homestead inside this building. 

Things to do

There are many interesting things throughout the museum to see, but one of our favorite spots is outside. There are trails through lush gardens with native plants that visitors can take a stroll along while learning more about what makes Florida so unique!

Permanent Exhibits

Each exhibit has all sorts of items on display and some pieces even date back as far as prehistoric times and range from Native American artifacts to household goods like dishes and furniture. If you are looking for something to do in FL, then visiting Elliot Museum should be at the top of your list.

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