Eden Isles is a wonderful neighborhood in St. Petersburg, FL, with pine tree-lined streets and beautiful homes to match. You’ll find yourself enjoying all that this area has for you: world-class restaurants near your doorstep; excellent entertainment options just minutes away from home. And don’t forget there are plenty more attractions within driving distance- so pack up the family and get ready because soon they will be coming here too.

Residents of the lush, green paradise that is known as Eden Isles can enjoy their property with something new in every corner. Whether it be a park or an open field for all to use without bounds – there are always plenty of opportunities here.

Eden Isles is a haven for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life but still have access to a world-class education. Residents tend towards conservatism because they know this quiet community offers more than just privacy; it provides stability as well with its top-notch public schools that provide whip-smart students who will be successful members in any industry should their interests lean so far away from STEM careers.

Living in the picturesque neighborhood of Eden Isles, you will be minutes from all your favorite activities. Median’s home values are high, with a median at $1 million dollars. The median rent for an apartment there is even higher at $13220 per year. Plus, there’s plenty to do within walking distance, including coffee shops and restaurants that offer live guitarists on weekends, as well as an international school for kids who want their education abroad but still have access here locally too.

The median household income in Eden Isles is $124,318. This means that there are people here who make more than this amount, but it also includes the other half of residents with lower incomes as well! The 21% figure for families with children shows how balanced our community really is; not only do you have opportunities if your salary meets or exceeds what’s considered average (20%), but access to resources like childcare can help stretch even further those funds which might otherwise go unspent during economic downturns when money becomes tight due to lack thereof – something all parents know too well at some point or another.

There are multiple reasons to consider living in Eden Isles. For one, it has a high proportion of master’s degree holders – 35%. Additionally, there is plenty for people of all educational levels, thanks to the availability of affordable housing on both public marketplaces and private communities alike. A bachelor’s or associate’s degree can also get you started on your career path with some practical experience under your belt before moving out into society full time–20% percent have at least 2 years’ worth while 8% went straight through high school only.

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