Bon Air, a neighborhood with an estimated population of about  2,764 people and located 15.2 miles away from St Petersburg, Florida, has been making waves in recent years as its affluent residential areas have become increasingly sought after by those who want to live the good life without sacrificing affordability or convenience. Also, Bon Air is Tampa’s 9th ranked neighborhood with an exceptional livability score and one of Florida’s 27 best neighborhoods. This area ranks better than 98% of its surrounding areas for liveability.

In Bon Air, the cost of living is 15% higher than the Tampa average and 14% higher than the U.S. average. This means that you’ll need to budget for an additional of about $7500 per year, if not more. Housing costs are 47 percent higher than nationwide norms as well, so be sure your mortgage payment covers all expenses plus a little extra each month just in case.

The high prices can really hamper one’s ability to purchase necessities like food and clothing items which may seem unfair when there isn’t much opportunity available at their local stores or schools nearby shopping areas where people live. However, this does give residents ample time to explore other towns outside city limits offering more affordable housing.

The crime rate is 38% lower than the national average in this neighborhood.  The chance of you becoming a victim here, at 1 out of 66 chances for violent crimes and 50%, makes this area much safer when compared with 80% of Florida cities as well. You can enjoy your life free from fear with no need for security systems or guards – it’s safer here!

There is amazing economic growth and progress that has been made in Bon Air. The income per capita here is 88% higher than the U.S. average, while household earnings are 61% greater as well. The good news is Bon Air has many well-paying jobs, and male median earnings are 41% higher as well. Unemployment here averages out at only 91% lower than the U.S. average, which makes it much easier on those who can’t find work elsewhere these days.

The school test scores here are equal to the national average. 93% of people living here have completed 8th grade, and nearly all (93%) will graduate from high school eventually, but it’s important that you know about their graduation rates too. Also, 67.8 percent finished with at least a bachelor’s degree by now, which is better than many places across America.

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