What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Black Mold?

Although there are many commercial solutions that can be used to remove black mold, some of these products contain harmful chemicals. You can get rid of mold using several methods that don’t involve toxic chemicals.

These are five ways you can treat black mold with green household cleaners.

Hydrogen peroxide: How do you treat mold?

The antifungal and antiviral solution hydrogen peroxide can be found in many medicine cabinets. It’s also an effective treatment for mold. It can be safely used on many surfaces, including kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures, as well as hard flooring and certain walls.
In a spray bottle, pour a solution of hydrogen peroxide at 3%. To prevent damage or discoloration, test a small area first. Leave the surface to dry for 10 minutes. Then scrub the surface with enough force to get rid of black mold and stains. Wipe dry the area once you have removed all traces and mold from it.

Black mold removal using vinegar

White vinegar, a mildly acidic solution, cleans and deodorizes. White vinegar can kill 82% of all mold species on both porous and non-porous surfaces. It can be safely used on almost any surface. The offensive smell goes away in no time.

Undiluted white vinegar should be poured into a spray-bottle. White vinegar only contains 20% of acetic acid so adding water will make it less efficient. Leave the vinegar to sit on the surface for at least an hour. Then, rinse the vinegar off the moldy surface with warm water. Dry the area. Within a couple of hours, any vinegar smell should disappear.

Baking soda can be used to get rid of mold

Baking soda can be used to absorb odors from the refrigerator and relieve heartburn. It also has many other uses, including the ability to remove black mold. Baking soda is safe for pets and family members. It also kills black mold and absorbs water that attracts it.

Mix one quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda with a spray bottle filled with water. Shake the mixture until it dissolves. Use a scrubber to get rid of the mold. To remove baking soda and residue, wash the surface in water. Spray the surface again, and allow it to dry completely without wiping. You will eliminate any mold growth and prevent it from coming back.

Mix two tablespoons baking soda and one cup white vinegar with one teaspoon of water to get rid of black mold. Mix the ingredients until you have a smooth paste. Let the mixture dry on the surface. Clean off any stains or black mold, then wipe the surface with water.

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